Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?
How do I know that this is legit?
How long will it take for my tickets to arrive?
Where do you get the tickets from?
I thought your tickets were 50% off? Where is my discount?
Where is the movie ticket confirmation number(Booking ID) located?
What if I bought the wrong movie tickets? Can I get a refund?
Can I use my movie theater's club card? (Regards Crown Club, MovieWatcher, etc.)
The movie hasn't started yet, but I can't buy tickets. Why not?
What is the convenience charge and why do you charge it?
I contacted my theater and they said they don't participate with your website/never heard of you. Why?
My movie ticket confirmation sent to my email says I payed full price?! I thought your tickets were 50% off?
I can only order 10 tickets at a time. Is it possible to order more?
When I enter a zip code/city, state nothing happens. What's wrong?
When I click on a red movie time nothing happens. What's causing this?
I searched a zip code/city, state and it returned a different location? Is this a bug?
Can I order tickets via a mobile device, such as iPhone or Android?



Please see the how this works page for complete instructions.


This is a commonly asked question. One reason we can give is that the company that processes our payment would not let us do so if we were ripping off our visitors. We've successfully conducted 10000's of transactions, delivering tickets to our customers on time, every time. We can guarantee you'll receive the tickets your order, and if you don't, we will refund you in full the very same day. When conducting business with us, you are in safe hands, we make sure of it.


In most condition,tickets for today's show will be sent within an hour.Sometime we may be busy and deliver the tickets a little late.Tickets for future date will be sent at the midnight before the show date.If you don't receive tickets on time, please send email to halfcosttix@gmail.com.


We work exclusively with third-party discount ticket suppliers. They buy tickets with various promotional codes and in bulk to receive MEGA discounts from Fandango.com,Cineplex.com and Empiretheatres.com. Think of us as the bridge between these ticket suppliers, and you, the consumer.


This is a common misunderstanding. When selecting how many tickets you would like to purchase via the drop down box on the checkout page, the full price of the movie ticket is displayed next to the drop down box. If you look below the drop down boxes you will see the word "total" in red. That is your total price with the 50% discount included.


Your movie ticket confirmation number(Booking ID) will be located in the email you receive within an hour after you purchase your tickets. Bring the confirmation number(Booking ID) to retrive your tickets at the theater


Because the tickets we purchase are non refundable, we are unable to refund you in the accidental event that the wrong tickets are purchased. However, many movie theaters allow you take your movie ticket confirmation number in and swap them for another showing and even another movie as long as the ticket price is the same.


Regal Crown Club cards can be used with your purchase, however, we have not confirmed this for other theater chains. To receive credit for your purchase, take your Regal Crown Club card and movie ticket confirmation number to the theater with you and ask the clerk to put the credits for your ticket purchase on your club card.


We stops allowing purchases 20 minutes prior to the showing to allow adequate time for our supplier to purchase the tickets and have them delivered to you. If we don't give ourself enough time, you may not receive your tickets before your show starts.


Our tickets source charge convenience fee of $1.00-$1.5 per ticket. This is factored in to the total cost of your ticket.


We do not directly participate with any movie theaters, hence their unawareness of our service. We work directly with third-party tickets suppliers who then purchase the tickets for us.


This is a common misunderstanding. Our ticket suppliers buy the tickets full price from the source and send them to you. When you receive the ticket confirmation it is displaying the price our ticket supplier paid, not you. Please check your bank statement if you are still unsure; you will see you paid exactly what our website said it charged.


Yes, absolutely. If you'd like you can just order multiple times to achieve the desired amount of tickets. You can also email halfcosttix@gmail.com with custom order. Be sure to order 24 hours in advance to the showing to ensure your custom ticket order is delivered on time.


If after you search nothing is displayed you either entered the location incorrectly, or there are no theaters in your area. You can try another zip code or city for more results.


This error is almost always caused by an outdated browser and usually internet explorer. In order for our site to work correctly, it is best to have the most current version of your browser. For internet explorer users, check here.


No this is not a bug. If there are no theaters for your location, our search feature will bring up the nearest location that allows online movie ticket purchases.


Of course! We don't have a mobile site yet, but we will implement one in the future. The order process still works the same on mobile devices. You can even check your email on your mobile device for your ticket confirmation to avoid the hassle of having to print.